EPTworks™ Practitioner

I have realized through years of standing behind the “chair” that most people have emotional “stuckness” that prevents them from being truly happy and free. We are the summation of our experiences and they affect the way we view ourselves and how we operate in our world. After years of experiencing traditional talk therapy in which I kept working on the same issues with little progress, I had an amazing & new experience with a holistic therapy called Emotional Polarity Technique or EPT™. It uses applied kinesiology (aka muscle testing) to help identify, and move you rather rapidly through emotional blocks in time that have had you unable to move forward in life. Once an emotional “root” is identified, EPT™ then leads you energetically through forgiveness statements & breath work to shift the energy surrounding your blocked thought processes resulting in more positive affirming beliefs, new energy & new hope for a ridiculously happier life! It can help with:
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • self loathing
  • hopelessness
  • relationships
  • guilt
  • fear
  • PTSD
  • stress
  • phobias
  • shame
  • entitlement
  • grief
  • trauma
  • loss of purpose
  • creativity blocks
  • poverty
  • it can also aide in shifting generations of family patterns.

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